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South Guidance



How Do School Counselors Help?

School Counselors' are master's level licensed professionals  trained in the development of children, the prevention of children's problems, intervention strategies to correct problems and prevent their escalation, as well as trained to provide crisis intervention.
  • School counselors help students grow personally and socially.
  • School counselors assist students in educational planning.
  • School counselors assist students career planning and decision-making.


The Guidance Department plans, organizes, and coordinates the course selection procedures, career guidance activities, and orientation programs, post-high school planning activities and financial aid workshops.
  • Counselors collaborate with teachers and families to meet the developmental needs of their students.
  • Counselors assist parent/guardian in forming realistic perceptions of student aptitude, abilities, interests, attitudes, and provides resources, which contribute to the continuing development of the student.
  • Counselors act as a liaison between student and parent/guardian to improve family communication as it affects the student's educational development.
  • The Guidance Department provides requested information and test data to referral agencies and the courts in accordance with established laws and policies.
  • The Guidance Department coordinates group guidance activities used to disseminate information about colleges and technical colleges/schools, college entrance testing, college application procedures, scholarships and financial aids.