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DISCLAIMER:      This handbook contains guidelines, but is not intended to be all-inclusive and is not intended to supersede or conflict with the Board of Education policies, State of Wisconsin statutes, federal laws and regulations, or revised school rules and procedures.  Additional rules and procedures or revisions of existing school rules and revisions will be announced to students as they become effective throughout the school year.  These additions are revisions are considered part of this handbook and the expectations for South students.  Any questions regarding school






Dear Students,


On behalf of the administrative team and staff, I want to welcome you to Waukesha South High School. We are excited to learn and share with you this school year. Our goal is to help prepare you for your future after high school.  This handbook serves as a reminder of our expectations related to your personal conduct while at Waukesha South.


You are responsible for understanding the contents of this handbook. We urge you to carefully read the handbook in order to adhere to the Waukesha South school community expectations.  Know that our expectations will help prepare you for life after high school, and will assist as you begin the transition into adulthood. 


Your educational experience is a team effort that involves a wide range of stakeholders including your parents, teachers, coaches, advisors, employers, community members, and most importantly, you.  Being an active participant in your own educational experience will make school more enjoyable and will lead to greater achievement.


We encourage you to take advantage of the many course offerings and extra-curricular activities that Waukesha South High School offers.  Involvement in extra-curricular activities will allow you to develop new positive relationships with your fellow classmates, school staff, and community members.  Please know that the administrative team and staff are here to serve and assist you.  I would encourage you to let us know if you need assistance or have ideas regarding how to make our great school even better.  We look forward to a great school year.






Mr. Ryan Galante




Academic Honesty                                                     5

Accidents & Injuries                                                   6

Activities/Clubs                                                          4

Administration                                                                        4

Attendance                                                                  12

Closed Campus – Limited Open Lunch                     6

Clubs/Advisors                                                           4

College & Career Readiness (math/reading)            6

Dances                                                                       7

Detentions                                                                  17

Discipline Consequences                                          16

Dress & Grooming                                                     7

Early Dismissal                                                          13

Electronic Devices                                                     8

Excused Absences                                                    12

Expectations, Consequences and

Disciplinary Actions                                                   16

Due Process and Disciplinary Action                                    15

Family Vacations                                                        12

Field Trips                                                                  8

Financial Obligations                                                            9

Food/Drinks                                                                9

Guidance Counselors                                                4

Hall Passes                                                                9

Hall Sweeps                                                                9

Lockers                                                                       9

Make-Up Work                                                           13

Medications                                                                9

Office Staff                                                                  4

Parking & Driving                                                       9 & 14

Public Display of Affection                                         10

Pupil Removal From Classroom                                15

Reasonable Search and Seizure                               15

Refunds                                                                      10

School Board Policies                                                13

Security Cameras                                                       11

Sports/Coaches                                                          4

State Law                                                                    12

Student Responsibilities                                            16

Study Hall                                                                   10

Study Hall Release                                                     6

Suspension                                                                17

Tardiness                                                                   13

Technology Acceptable Use                                      11

Truancy                                                                       12

Visitors                                                                       11





MEMBER NAME                               POSITION                                         EXT.


Galante, Ryan                                     Principal                                             3705

DÕAmato, Maria                                   Assistant Principal                             3718

Fisher, Steve                                      Assistant Principal                             3718

Sobrilsky, Todd                                  Assistant Principal                             3719

                                                            Athletic Director

Wiltz, Darnell                                     Dean of Students                                3718

Klein, Dan                                           School Resource Officer                   3735


Matson, Susie                                     PrincipalÕs Secretary                         3705

DÕAngelo, Jackie                                Assist. PrincipalÕs Secretary                         3718

Miller, Jodi                                          Athletics & Activities Secretary          3719

Schlosser, Pam                                  Attendance (am)                                 3716

Fandre, Erin                                        Attendance (pm)                                 3716






Darling, Paul                                       Counselor (S-Z & WEPA)                  3731

Dood, Sara                                          Counselor (M-R & WAHP)                 3731

Foreman, Melanie                              Counselor (A-F & AVID)                     3731

Poulson, Sue                                      Counselor (G-L)                                 3731

Reichert, Laura                                   Social Worker                                                3731

Trainor, Maria                                     School Psychologist                           3731

Blackburn, Shelly                               Guidance Secretary                           3731

Bohan, Iris                                          Student Services Secretary                3703








For all South Athletics information including event days and our full calendar, please visit the Waukesha South Athletics and Activities webpage.  If you have questions on how to add a new sport follow this LINK.  For a list of all current sports and start dates, please follow this LINK.  As always, if you have questions please contact the Athletics/Activities office.








Academic Honesty

All schoolwork submitted for the purpose of meeting course requirements must represent the efforts of the individual student. To help maintain an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence among students and faculty to ensure that each student is judged solely according to his or her own merits, the School District of Waukesha community has established the following honor code: No School District of Waukesha student will unfairly advance his or her own academic performance nor will the student in any way intentionally limit or impede the academic performance or intellectual pursuits of other students of the School District of Waukesha community. Any form of academic dishonesty is prohibited. Academic dishonesty Policy 5505 includes, but is not limited to:

¥ Plagiarism

¥ Forgery

¥ Copying or stealing another personÕs work

¥ Allowing another person to copy oneÕs own work

¥ Doing another personÕs class work

¥ Creating more than one copy of oneÕs work for distribution

¥ Intentionally accessing anotherÕs material for the purpose of using it as

  oneÕs own

¥ Downloading information from other sources and presenting it as oneÕs own

¥ Unauthorized copying of software

¥ Unauthorized use of hard copy or software to develop oneÕs own software


Faculty and building administrators will have the responsibility for monitoring the above actions. It is the responsibility of all faculties to monitor students work to avoid any academic dishonesty and to administer penalties for dishonesty in accordance with Policy 5600.01- Disciplinary Consequences for Student Misconduct.


The parents shall be contacted as soon as possible, to report any alleged academic dishonesty on the part of students. Teachers are granted authority, with the direction and advice of their principals, to exercise their good judgment in applying a range of academic consequences for violations of this policy on a per class, per year basis.


¥ 1st offense = 2 hour after school detention with written disciplinary referral and

   *academic consequence

¥ 2nd offense = suspension from school, *academic consequence, and an               athletic/activities code violation

¥ 3rd offense = suspension from school, athletic/activities code violation, and dropped from the class with a grade of ÒFÓ


*Academic Consequence: For any plagiarism, students will watch the video series on plagiarism (if available), review the student handbook on plagiarism, and write a statement that not only summarizes the plagiarism policy but also contrasts the areas that were plagiarized with how it should have been cited.  Students will then be given the opportunity demonstrate proficiency (teacher will allow and decide on redo, retake, or alternate assessment).  Student and parent appeals of any consequences resulting from violations of this policy shall follow established channels of communications up to and including filing of a complaint under Policy 5505.


College & Career Readiness Math/Reading

South will continue to have a college & career readiness period at the beginning of the day on Tuesdays-Fridays from 7:35-8:05.   Studies have shown that the 8th to 9th grade transition year is one of the most important for students, so we are hoping to utilize this time to help our freshmen accelerate their academic success right away.  Please make sure that all freshmen that have college & career readiness math/reading on their schedule arrive on time every day at 7:35 am.


Accidents and Injuries

All accidents and injuries should be reported immediately to the NurseÕs Office. The school does not carry insurance to cover students for injuries that occur while in school (including field trips) or while going to and from school. At the start of the school year, students are offered the opportunity to purchase group insurance. Please discuss the insurance program with your parents so that the proper decision can be made.


Adult Students

Adult students 18 years or older will follow the same attendance policies as all other students.  Parents should call the Attendance Office each day your son/daughter is absent.  Parents who want adult students to be responsible for their own attendance may file a note with the Attendance Office.  Once the note is on file, he/she should call in on the day they are absent.  18-year-old students may be required to provide a medical confirmation for his/her absence.


Closed Campus – Limited Open Lunch

Students are required to be in their assigned program, classes, or activities at all times during the school day, unless approved by the principal based on a written request by the parent(s). Freshmen and sophomores may not leave school premises during the school day, including lunch. Juniors and seniors may leave the building during lunch without a release pass. All students may not be in an unsupervised area.


The building administration may allow high school juniors & seniors who have demonstrated a high level of maturity and personal responsibility to leave school premises for up to one class period if they do not have a class scheduled during that class period and they meet the certain criteria. Parents or administration may revoke this privilege for educational or disciplinary reasons at any time.


Students given this privilege must have parent permission and must either leave the campus or report to an administratively assigned area.  Appropriate exceptions to the above closed campus requirements may be made by the principal for special class schedules.

¥ Students should carry a schedule with them during release time to show they have release if questioned.

¥ Students with release must not be roaming the school building. If students have release, they must leave the building.


Loitering in cars or on any other school premises is strictly forbidden.


The open lunch privilege is only for juniors & seniors who have sufficient time during their lunch period to eat off campus and return before the beginning of their scheduled class.



South High School runs a number of school dances for the benefit of our students.  Attendance to a dance is a privilege, not a right/ therefore, all students wishing to attend must agree to abide by all Waukesha district and school policies while present.  School administrators reserve the right to deny entrance or revoke permission to attend this activity, may remove a non-compliant student at any time, and/or stop the dance for non-compliance.


Students who wish to bring a guest who does not attend South High School should complete a guest pass form.  Guest forms applications are due by 3:00 pm on the Wednesday before the day of the dance.  An administrator at the guestÕs school, the guestÕs parents, and the studentÕs parent must sign this form.  South High School Administration will make final approval.  Students who have been out of high school more than one school year or are in middle or junior high are not allowed to attend high school dances.


            Dance Guidelines and Expectations:

á       A photo ID is required of all students.

á       Any student may be denied due to drug, alcohol, violence or criminal incidences.

á       No dance ticket sales at the door.

á       If a student leaves the dance, there is no re-entry.

á       Students must be in good standing (minimal truancy, tardiness, and discipline referrals, no outstanding detention time, and is at the discretion of the administration), and follow other expectations outlined.

á       Dress code and school rules will be enforced.

á       Partner dancing is expected to be tasteful and respectful, i.e. Vertical and face-to-face.

á       Supervising adults may ask uncooperative students to leave the dance floor

á       Students must depart the premises immediately upon the conclusion of the event.

á       Students are subject to breathalyzer test.


Dress and Grooming

Student attire must be respectful of others and appropriate for the educational setting at South High School. Clothing that causes a distraction or disruption in the school or creates a health or safety risk is deemed inappropriate for student dress.


The following dress is not allowed as it may disrupt the educational setting:

á       No bare midriffs.

á       No strapless tops, off the shoulder tops, visible bra straps, or low cut tops.

á       Appropriate length shorts and skirts are expected.  Appropriateness will be determined on a case-by-case basis through the office.

á       No visible boxer shorts with loose, low pants.

á       No hats, bandannas, hoodies, or other headwear (ethnic or religious headwear is acceptable) may be worn during the school day.

á       Students are expected to remove headwear upon entering the building and during the school day.

á       No coats, jackets, or outerwear is allowed. These must be stored in the studentÕs locker.

á       Clothing that has lettering, advertisement of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs, weapons, or designs considered in poor taste


School administrators will make the final decision as to what constitutes appropriate school wear. At the discretion of your childÕs assistant principal, parents may be called to bring a change of appropriate clothing or be sent home. Students who violate the foregoing rules will not be admitted to class and may be suspended from school. See School Board Policy 5511.


Electronic Devices

  1. Electronic and/or communication devices are a privilege and not a right of students at South High School.
  2. Electronic and/or communication devices include but are not limited to, cell phones, CD

players, MP3 players, IPODS, text message devices or any similar device not specifically used to support or enhance instruction.

  1. Students are not to use electronic and/or communication devices within the classroom at any time without the direct permission of the teacher for educational purposes only (5136).
  2. The teacher has the right to confiscate any electronic and/or communication device. Confiscated electronic and/or communication devices will be turned in to the Administrative Office.  Consequences may include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. 1st offense: warning/phone returned at end of day
    2. 2nd offense: Parent must pick up phone
    3. Ongoing: Parent must pick up phone and further consequences for student
  1. As is the case with any personal property brought onto school grounds, all electronic and/or communication devices are subject to search.
  2. Any electronic and/or communication device that is brought to school should be in a form-fitting case (for laptops), locked up (if not on person), and should not be taken to the locker rooms or PE class.  If an electronic device is lost or stolen, school officials or their designee will make a reasonable effort to help recover the device.  It should be noted that recovery of a lost or stolen device is very difficult; therefore, any electronic device brought to school is at the ownerÕs own risk and not the responsibility or liability of the school.
  3. As per school board policy 5136, high school students may use personal communication devices (PCDs) before and after school, during their lunch break, in between classes as long as they do not create a distraction, disruption or otherwise interfere with the educational environment, during after school activities (e.g., extra-curricular activities), or at school-related functions. Use of PCDs, except those approved by a teacher or administrator, at any other time is prohibited.  Students shall have no expectation of confidentiality with respect to their use of PCDs on school premises/property.  Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action and/or confiscation of the PCD. If the PCD is confiscated, it will be released/returned to the student's parent after the student complies with any other disciplinary consequences that are imposed, unless the violation involves potentially illegal activity in which case the PCD may be turned over to law enforcement. Please see the board policy for additional details.
  4. Unless it is part of a school project or assignment, all videography and photography of staff, students, and guests is prohibited without permission.


Field Trips

Field trips are an extension of the classroom.  School rules, expectations, and personal conduct will be held at a very high level.  Any student (and his/her belongings) that goes on a school field trip is subject to search prior, during, and upon return from the field trip.  Poor attendance, behavior, and grades may inhibit students from participating in field trips.



Financial Obligations

Book/material and technology fees will be posted online based on district timelines.  Course fees will be posted the second week of school.  Fines will be assessed for books damaged or abused beyond what is considered normal wear. If a book is lost, the student is required to pay for it.


The School District of Waukesha is making a strong effort to collect student fees that are past due.


NOTE: Students with outstanding fee balances may be denied from participating in graduation ceremonies and use other consequences including, but not limited to not issuing/revoking parking privileges, or suspending co- or extra-curricular participation or declining an intra-district transfer until all financial obligations have been met.  Please see board policy 5460 & AG6152.



Food and drink in the hallway is a privilege.  Please pick up after yourself. Drinks must be in a closed reseal-able container.  It is teacher discretion to allow food/drinks in his/her classrooms.


Hall Pass

Students in the hallways other than passing time must have a hall pass. Passes must be shown to any staff member immediately upon request. The pass should have the name of the student, destination and time leaving, as well as the teacherÕs name who issued the pass.  Students must report to the class for which they are assigned for attendance before requesting a hall pass unless something has been prearranged with both teachers.


Hall Sweeps

ÒHall SweepsÓ will be used to assist in keeping students in class and the halls clear.  School supervisors will check students for passes.  Students without passes will receive appropriate disciplinary action.



A hall locker may be assigned to each student.  The student must assume all responsibility for the contents of the locker.  Lockers should not be shared, considered school property, and are subject to search at any time.



If it is necessary for your child to take prescription medication, over-the-counter medications, or nutritional supplements while at school, please contact the school to obtain a form that gives authorization to administer medication by school personnel.  You and your physician should sign this form.  The school cannot legally administer medication without this authorization.  Furthermore, students are not allowed to self-administer these medications.


Parking & Driving

Parking permits are issued in the Administrative Office after appropriate forms have been completed and $100 non-refundable payment per semester received before parking in the school lot. Daily passes are available for $5.00.


NOTE: A permit does not guarantee a parking spot.  Students with any outstanding financial commitments may not be issued a parking pass. The Waukesha Police Department may issue parking tickets to cars that do not display a valid parking permit.


All vehicles must have a valid student-parking sticker. Any vehicle without a valid parking sticker is subject to a ticket of $15-$30 per violation by the School District of Waukesha payable to Waukesha South High School. Multiple parking tickets may result in a City of Waukesha parking ticket. Unpaid tickets will be assessed an additional $5 fine per violation and become financial obligations due to Waukesha South High School.


Vehicles should be parked only in the marked spaces provided. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas (including teacherÕs parking lot) and/or fire lanes will be ticketed and possibly towed at the ownerÕs expense. Students are not permitted to go to their vehicles during the school day without an office issued pass. Parking permits may be revoked for unsafe driving practices and/or repeated truancy or tardiness. If a studentÕs permit is revoked, there is no refund, and he or she may not purchase a one-day parking permit.


NOTE: The District reserves the right to search (whether through the consent of the student or by way of reasonable suspicion of illegal activity, activity which violates school rules, or possession of contraband) any property or items brought onto school property by students, including, but not limited to bags, backpacks, purses, other containers, articles of clothing, and vehicles. Motor vehicles, and their contents and containers, driven to school and on school premises, are subject to search. Additionally, students who park vehicles on school property will be required to sign a consent form, indicating that they will agree to abide by all rules regarding parking and consent to search of their vehicle.


Public Displays of Affection

Demonstration of affection beyond handholding is not acceptable at school. Consequences for excessive displays of affection may include warning, referral to counselor, referral to assistant principal, parent notification, and possible citation.



Please note:

á       There will be no refunds for errors in the yearbook.  It is a student run publication and because of that, errors may occur.

á       There will be no refunds of prom tickets for a studentÕs inability to attend because of disciplinary reasons.

á       There will be no refunds on class fees once the fees have been posted.


Study Hall

Students will be assigned a study hall when they do not have a scheduled class. The study hall is an educational environment where students are working on schoolwork or reading. Students may choose to use their study hall to work in the library, computer lab, or with a teacher. Students should report directly to those areas at the start of the period (with their student I.D.) and sign in appropriately. Student will follow the following the Study Hall Expectations:


  1. Students are to be respectful of staff and other students.


  1. Students need to follow directions and listen.  Students are not to argue or debate with the study hall supervisors.  If there is a disagreement, students should connect with an administrator.


  1. Students need to follow emergency procedures when necessary


  1. Students must sign out and have a pass if leaving Study Hall


  1. Eating or drinking in Classroom Study Halls
    1. Students are not allowed to go to the cafeteria.
    2. Students are not allowed to bring in cafeteria food into the study hall.
    3. Students may bring in personal snacks as in other classes; however, the room needs to be picked up of all trash at the end of the hour.
    4. Students must follow the library expectation for food and drink.


  1. Classroom Study Halls are to be educational working study Halls. Collaboration is encouraged; however, students need to be working on homework and using a level 1 or 2 voice.  Study hall supervisors have complete autonomy on judging the level.


  1. A study hall is considered a class, and all rules involving attendance, tardiness, and truancy apply.


  1. Personal communication devices are not allowed during study hall per school board policy 5136.  Please see the board policy for additional details.


Technology Use

Use of technology systems is a privilege that may be revoked at the districtÕs discretion.  Users of the technology systems must file an authorization and release form to be granted those user privileges.  The superintendent or designee shall develop administrative guidelines and directives as necessary to assist in the interpretation and implementation of this board policy and guidelines. Use of personal technologies is permitted on school property in accordance with building established rules. Students providing their own equipment acknowledge that his/her choice to use their personal technologies (including hardware, software and Internet access) in a Waukesha school building, on school grounds, or at a school-sponsored activity at any location that in any manner that would otherwise violate this policy or school rules will subject the student to discipline. Such discipline may include confiscation of the student-provided technology, loss of Waukesha computer privileges, and other penalties and disciplinary actions up to and including suspension and expulsion.  In addition, those offenses that are violations of local ordinances or state law will be referred to law enforcement.


Security Cameras

Waukesha South High School is equipped with security cameras inside and outside the building.  Videotaping and/or photographing may be used in and by the District as a facet of instruction for enhancing learning, to assist in providing a safe and secure learning environment, and to monitor/record student activities. Such videotaping/photography may be announced or unannounced on a random basis. Videotapes and/or photographs may be used for investigative/monitoring purposes for any/all activities that can result in disciplinary action (i.e., smoking, fights, vandalism, truancy, etc.).  See Board Policy 7440.01.



All visitors must check in at the student serviceÕs office. Unauthorized visitors are in violation of the city loitering ordinance (#11.06) if in the building or on school grounds between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. South students are not to be at other schools within the district without permission.  Students visiting another school must check in at the principalÕs office or be subject to a loitering ticket.


South does not have a shadowing visitation program. A student wishing to visit because s/he is considering South should contact the Student Services Office and make an appointment with the appropriate guidance counselor who will set up an individualized meeting and a structured tour.




General Procedure

Regular school attendance increases a studentÕs chances for academic success and promotes the development of self-discipline, responsibility, and punctuality, which are necessary life skills. Cooperation between home and school is essential if students are to develop sound attendance habits and attitudes that will carry over into adult life.


A parent/guardian must call the school Attendance Line at 970-3716, as soon as possible after 7:00 a.m. each day when the student will be absent with the parentÕs knowledge and consent. If the call is not made on the day of the absence, it can be made when the student returns or a written statement, signed by the parent/guardian, and is to be submitted to school upon the studentÕs return. The excuse must be presented within 48 hours or the absence may be considered truancy.  Emailed excuses will not be accepted.


State Law

In accordance with Wisconsin Statutes, all children between 6 and 18 years of age must attend school unless they have a legal excuse. Each school year a parent may only pre-plan excuse their child for up to 10 days. After 10 days, a medical excuse will be required. Absences verified by medical documentation or appointment slips from medical offices are not included in this count.


NOTE: A student who turns 18 after a school year starts remains under the Compulsory School Attendance Law until the end of the school term, or semester of the school year in which the child becomes 18 years of age.


Family Vacations

Student absences for one full school day or longer for the purpose of family trips will be classified as either accepted or accepted but not recommended by the assistant principal in accordance with criteria established for this purpose. The student is to be in good standing regarding academics and attendance. We ask that student absence requests be submitted to the school attendance office at least two weeks in advance of the proposed absence. The request shall be made on a school district form provided for this purpose and available in the school attendance office. Failure to follow this procedure within the time line specified may result in the student being classified as truant.


Excused Absence and Truancy

It is the principal or assistant principal who determines whether an acceptable excuse has been provided. Documentation from offices of appointments is to be submitted upon the studentÕs return to school.  A school attendance office may require a parent/guardian to provide a medical excuse by a physician for any verification of illness.


Examples of absences, which may not be excused, include, but are not limited to the following:

¥ Working

¥ Over sleeping

¥ Car trouble

¥ Personal business

¥ Baby-sitting

¥ Shopping


A student who is absent from school, but does not meet the legal definition of excused absence, will be considered truant. A student is considered truant when absent from any portion of a school day during which the school has not been notified in writing or by phone of the reason for the acceptable absence by the parent/guardian. A Habitual Truant is defined by law as a pupil who is absent from part or all of five or more school days during the academic year.

Consequences for truancy include after school detentions, in-school suspension, and/or truancy citations.  See School Board Policy 5200 and Municipal Ordinances for Truancy. 



It is very important to be on time for all classes including study hall. Tardiness to class, even by seconds, detracts from the learning environment of every student. Students should have two feet inside the door when the 2nd bell rings.  The instructor is responsible for dealing with tardiness and has the authorization to set up student detention for tardy violations.


The school recognizes that certain unavoidable emergencies may occur.  With that in mind, students are given three tardies to school per semester without penalty to cover extenuating circumstances.


Continued tardiness will result in further consequences including, but not limited to, the loss of school privileges (i.e., lunch release, parking permit revoked, etc.) and truancy citations.


Students may report directly to the library, computer lab, or writing lab ONLY during their assigned study hall. Tests, labs, quizzes, and make-up work is to be completed at an arranged alternative time. Students are NOT to remain past the end of the class period since this then affects their next period class.


Early Dismissal

Every effort should be made to schedule appointments outside of school time. Students may be excused to leave school during the school day for appointments by presenting a note to the Attendance Secretary, signed by a parent/guardian, prior to classes beginning. Parents are encouraged to call during the day ONLY for emergency dismissal. Students are to bring verification from the appointment upon their return to school.


Any student who leaves school without prior approval from the attendance office and without signing out will be considered truant and will be assigned a consequence. Any student who feels it necessary to leave school for any other reason must clear it through the Assistant Principal BEFORE leaving.


Make-Up Work

Students who have missed school because of an absence are responsible for finding out what they have missed and completing the work in a timely manner.

¥ Students may be expected to stay after school for make-up, given a day

  of advance notice or be given additional assignments to make up for class

  discussions and classroom activities missed during absences.

¥ If your son or daughter is absent, please have them access his/her Blackboard account to get materials, homework, and/or assignments.



privilege system


Success in high school requires a great deal of responsibility.  At Waukesha South High School, a system of privileges exists for students who demonstrate appropriate behavior, strong attendance and good grades.  In general, students who meet expectations will be granted privileges that allow for more independence and greater freedom within the school day.  As students advance in school, more privileges become available.  While privileges offer students a reward for meeting expectations, itÕs important to understand that they can be removed when behavior and/or performance falls below expectations.  It is the hope of the school that providing students with the opportunity to earn privileges will promote responsible behavior. 


Parking and Driving Privileges

Parking in the student lot is a privilege.  Under no circumstance should students park in the staff lot, visitor parking, spaces designated for traveling teachers, auto shop lot, graphics room lot or bus loading zones.  If a special circumstance should arise, students are required to speak to their assistant principal to get permission for alternative parking arrangements.  We ask your cooperation in helping us ensure a safe, orderly area for student use.


The following will be considered a violation of parking regulations and may results in suspension for loss of parking permit with no refund:

1.     Careless operation of a vehicle/motorcycle.

2.     Refusing to comply with general school rules, poor academic achievement, or truancy as reviewed by a principal.

3.     Excessive speed – campus limit is 10 m.p.h.

4.     Non-registered vehicle (towed/ticketed at ownerÕs expense).

5.     Improper placement of permit.  Permits must hang from the rear view mirror with information facing outward.  Failure to do so could result in a parking citation.

6.     Parking in more than one space.

7.     Use of a vehicle during the school day without the approval of the school administration excluding lunch.

8.     Use of a vehicle by upper classmen to transport students (under classmen) off campus during the school day.

9.     Use of a vehicle to transport alcohol or any illegal substance onto school property during the school day or at extra-curricular activities.

10.  Smoking in a vehicle while parked on school property.

11.  Occupying or allowing others to occupy the vehicle during the day.


The student driver or parent cannot hold the school responsible for damage or theft while his/her vehicle is parked on school property.


Vehicles should be parked in designated parking areas.  Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas or fire lanes will be ticketed and may be towed at the ownerÕs expense.


Students are expected to follow all safety and driving rules in the parking lots.  Students should not congregate in the parking lot and are not allowed to be in the lot unless they have approval to leave the building. Students who drive dangerously may lose their parking privileges permanently with no refund and/or be cited by the Waukesha Police Department.


Sign In Privilege

As a privilege, students may sign into various areas of the school in lieu of study hall.  Students who chose to exercise this privilege are solely responsible for signing in on the attendance sheet.  However, this privilege may be revoked should a studentÕs grades fall below C, engage in inappropriate behavior, demonstrate poor decision-making, or have poor attendance.



South High School is committed to maintaining a favorable academic atmosphere in all of its classrooms. Teachers are expected to create a positive learning climate for students in their classrooms and to maintain proper order.  All students are expected to behave in the classroom in such a manner that a positive learning atmosphere can be established.  Students are also expected to abide by all rules of behavior established by the Board of Education, school administration and classroom teachers.  Student behavior that is dangerous, disruptive, and unruly or that substantially interferes with the teacherÕs ability to teach effectively will not be tolerated.  Any student who engages in such behavior may be subject to removal from class.


Due Process and Disciplinary Action (5600.01)

Procedures for disciplining students will be consistent with state and federal laws.  Principals may establish other procedures to govern the school not specifically mentioned in the state and federal laws provided the procedures are not in conflict with those laws and rules.


Certain standards and procedures should be observed if there is to be a fair consideration of the application of rules and regulations.


¥   Rules, regulations, and penalties should be made readily available, in writing, to the student body.

¥   The student has the right to be informed of specific reasons for an action.

¥   Disciplinary action shall conform to the provisions set forth in the ÒStudent ResponsibilitiesÓ section of this document and in accordance with state law. 


In accordance with School Board Policy 5600.01, school authorities have an obligation to apply rules, regulations and discipline without prejudice and in a nondiscriminatory manner. If a teacher or administrator does not feel that s/he can handle a case on its merit, s/he shall pass the case to a suitable substitute or the next highest person in authority. In accordance with Policy 2260, any student who believes that s/he has been discriminated against may file a complaint with the Superintendent.


Reasonable Search and Seizure (5771)

Students have the right to be free from illegal search and seizure by school authorities. Search and seizure shall conform to the legal requirement of reasonable suspicion that a school rule, regulation, or state law has been violated.  Law prohibits any official, employee, or agent of the school district from conducting a strip search. The District reserves the right to search (whether through the consent of the student or by way of reasonable suspicion of illegal activity, violation school rules, or possession of contraband) any property or items brought onto school district property by students, including, but not limited to: bags, backpacks, purses, other containers, articles of clothing and vehicles.  Motor vehicles and their contents, driven to school and on school premises, are subject to search under this section.  Additionally, students who park vehicles on school property will be required to sign a consent form indicating that they will agree to abide by all rules regarding parking and consent to searches of their vehicles.


á       A locker may be inspected if the school administration considers a search necessary to maintain the integrity of the school or to insure the safety and welfare of other students. 

á       Whenever possible, lockers will not be opened without the student being present.  However, the lockers are the property of the school and students may only use them for the storage of school related items. 

á       The possession of illegal or inappropriate items is not allowed and can result in school discipline or police involvement.

á       During the course of the school year the school district may work with the Police DepartmentÕs K-9 unit in the school.  These visits will not be announced ahead of time and may occur during the school day, but will not disrupt the learning environment of the school.






Waukesha South High School will once again base student participation in extra-curricular and social events on attendance, behavior, character, and discipline. A large part of the high school experience is having fun! Activities such as attending sporting events, school dances (i.e.

Homecoming, SadieÕs), and Prom are PRIVILEGES afforded to all students. Accordingly, students who make poor decisions, are chronically tardy to class(es), truant (skipping school), suspended, or continually disrupt our schoolÕs educational environment will not be allowed to participate. Should the school administration make the decision to deny your participation in these events, you will be notified in advance of the event.  In addition, parents may be notified. Students should be given every opportunity to demonstrate personal responsibility for their actions. We hope all students get involved and remain eligible to participate in the FUN activities associated with high school.



At Waukesha South High School, we believe that students should know the consequences for their behavior. Therefore, the following disciplinary code lists common and major violations and the resulting progressive consequences. If a student engages in behavior not specifically cited below, the Assistant Principals shall deal with violations fairly and in a manner that reflects the spirit of this code and Waukesha School Board Policy #5600.01.



If the school is to function effectively and students are to be free to pursue their education, all students need to accept responsibilities and meet certain expectations. Student behavior that interferes with the educational process or violates the rights and safety of others will not be tolerated. Students are expected to comply with school and classroom rules, School Board policies, and state and federal laws at all times.


For a list of more common violations that are subject to disciplinary action, please see School Board policy 5600.01.

The objective of disciplinary action is to eliminate behaviors and situations that interfere with the educational process while promoting student growth and acceptance of responsibility. The exact nature of disciplinary action depends on the circumstances of each individual case.


Consequences for violations listed above may include, but are not limited to, the following:

 1.  Teacher or staff conference with student

 2.  Teacher-parent contact by phone or letter

 3.  Detention – Detention can be issued by teachers or administrators and can be served at a number of different times both within and outside of the school day.  Consult with the issuing staff member for specific dates and times. The student is to receive advance notice of at least 24 hours.  Detentions start promptly with no admittance after that time.  Failure to serve may result in loss of privileges, the detention time doubling, in-school suspension, out-of-school detention, or municipal citation.

 4.  Referral to a School District of Waukesha counselor and/or social worker

 5.  Referral to an assistant principal

 6.  Administrator-parent contact by phone or letter

 7.  Restricted privileges including suspension from co-curricular or athletic events

 8.  Parental conferences at school with a teacher and/or a counselor and/or an assistant principal.

 9.    In-school Suspension - We prefer to have students in attendance and within the school setting.  Assignment to in-school suspension enables students to keep up with assignments and tests, receive full credit for work completed, and remain a part of the school setting.  Disruption of this setting may result in out-of-school suspension and police intervention.  An in-school suspension assignment means the student may not attend their regular classes but is to report to a supervised ISS room where they work quietly and productively.  The student will be allowed to have a supervised lunch. 

10.   Out-of-school Suspension - Out-of -School Suspension is reserved for serious or repeated violation of school rules and can be given for part of a day or up to 5 days.  A parent conference may be required prior to the studentÕs return.

11. Recommendation for pre-expulsion review - For repeated refusal to obey school rules or endangering the health and safety of others, South High School may ask the district administration for a pre-expulsion review to look at a studentÕs records and determine if an expulsion hearing is appropriate.  If an expulsion is requested, a school board panel will hear a formal request for expulsion.


NOTE: In accordance with School Board policy 5610.02, no student is to be detained after the close of the regular school day unless the student's parent has been contacted and informed that the student will be detained. No student shall be refused transportation services until the parent has been notified and other suitable transportation arrangements have been made. Notification to the parent is the responsibility of school personnel and should be made prior to the departure of school buses. If a parent cannot be contacted, the child should be detained on another day.



In accordance with state statutes, a student may be suspended by the school principal for not more than five consecutive school days or, if a notice of expulsion hearing has been sent, for not more than fifteen consecutive school days if it is determined:

  1. that the pupil is guilty of violating a school rule and school board policies or that while at school or on school grounds (at school includes after school and evening school sponsored activities) or under the supervision of a school authority endangered the property, health or safety of others and
  2. that the pupil's suspension is reasonably justified.

Prior to any suspension, the pupil will be advised of the reason for the suspension and any supporting evidence. The pupil will be given the opportunity to explain his/her version of the incident facts if the pupil denies the charges. If it is determined that the student is guilty of the misconduct charged and that the suspension is reasonably justified, the student will be suspended.  The suspension shall be appropriately documented and the parents will be notified of the reason for the suspension.  The suspended student or the student's parent or guardian may, within five (5) school days following the commencement of the suspension, have a conference with the building principal. If satisfactory conclusion cannot be reached, then meet with the Superintendent, who shall be someone other than a principal, administrator or teacher in the suspended student's school, to discuss removing from the student's records reference to the suspension. Reference to the suspension on the student's school record shall be removed if the Superintendent finds that: the student was suspended unfairly or unjustly; the suspension was inappropriate, given the nature of the alleged offense; or the student suffered undue consequences or penalties as a result of the suspension. Pupils who have been suspended shall not be denied the opportunity to take any quarterly, semester or grading period examinations missed during the suspension period.


In addition, offenses in violation of local ordinances or state law will be referred to law enforcement. Any student who is determined to have brought a gun to school will be brought before the Board of Education for an expulsion hearing.


         If a student engages in inappropriate behavior not specifically cited in this document, the behavior shall be dealt with in a manner that reflects the spirit of this document.




Harassment Statement

It is the policy of the Board of Education to maintain an educational environment that is free from all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment. This commitment applies to all District operations, programs, and activities. All students, administrators, teachers, staff, and all other school personnel share responsibility for avoiding, discouraging, and reporting any form of harassment. This policy applies to conduct occurring in any manner or setting over which the Board can exercise control, including on school property, or at another location if such conduct occurs during an activity sponsored by the Board.  Please see policy 5517 for details.


Tobacco Use (Policy 7434)

The Board of Education is committed to providing students, staff, and visitors with a tobacco and smoke-free environment. The negative health effects of tobacco use for both users and non-users, particularly in connection with second hand smoke, are well- established. Further, providing a non-smoking and tobacco-free environment is consistent with the responsibilities of teachers and staff to be role models for our students. The Board also recognizes, however, the right of individuals under State law to use lawful products, including tobacco, during non-working hours off District premises.


For purposes of this policy, "use of tobacco" means to chew or maintain any substance containing tobacco, including smokeless tobacco, in the mouth to derive the effects of tobacco, as well as all uses of tobacco, including cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff, any other matter or substances that contain tobacco, in addition to papers used to roll cigarettes and/or the smoking of electronic, "vapor," or other substitute forms of cigarettes, clove cigarettes and any other lighted smoking devices for burning tobacco or any other substance. Accordingly, the Board prohibits the use of tobacco in any form, at any time of the calendar year, on District premises, in District vehicles, within any indoor facility owned or leased or contracted for by the District, and used to provide education or library services to children and at all District-sponsored events.



Nondiscrimination and Access to Equal Educational Opportunity

The Board does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, sex, (including transgender status, change of sex or gender identity), or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability ("Protected Classes") in any of its student program and activities.


Students, parents and all other members of the School District community are encouraged to promptly report suspected violations of this policy to a teacher or administrator. Any teacher or administrator who receives such a complaint shall file it with the DistrictÕs Compliance Officer at his/her first opportunity.


Students who believe they have been denied equal access to District educational opportunities, in a manner inconsistent with this policy may initiate a complaint and the investigation process that is set forth below. Initiating a complaint will not adversely affect the complaining individual's participation in educational or extra-curricular programs unless the complaining individual makes the complaint maliciously or with knowledge that it is false.


The Board designates the following individuals to serve as the DistrictÕs "Compliance Officers".


Christine Hedstrom

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

School District of Waukesha

222 Maple Ave.

Waukesha, WI 53186




Joe Koch

Deputy Superintendent

School District of Waukesha 222 Maple Ave.

Waukesha, WI 53186




See school board policy 5517 for more details.




The Board of Education recognizes that the misuse of drugs is a serious problem with legal, physical, and social implications for the entire school community.


For purposes of this policy, "drugs" shall mean:


A.    all dangerous controlled substances as so designated and prohibited by Wisconsin statute;

B.    all chemicals which release toxic vapors;

C.    all alcoholic beverages;

D.    any prescription or patent drug, except those for which permission to use in school has been granted pursuant to Board policy;

E.     "look-alikes";

F.     anabolic steroids;

G.    any other illegal substance so designated and prohibited by law.

The use, possession, concealment, distribution, sale or intent to sell, transfer of drugs, drug paraphernalia (as defined in state statutes) or alcohol, or having illegal drugs, steroids or prohibited performance-enhancing drugs, chemicals or alcohol in a studentÕs body in or on school property, in any district owned or contracted vehicle or at school-sponsored events is considered dangerous and unsafe to others, and therefore is prohibited. Having chemicals in one's body is defined for purposes of this policy as having any amount of the substance in one's body. The administration is authorized to utilize breath testing devices (as approved by the Department of Transportation) for purpose of determining the presence of alcohol in the studentÕs breath when there is reasonable suspicion to do so.


Any student who is involved in the use, possession, sale or receipt of alcohol and/or drug paraphernalia will be subject to the following measures:

¥ Immediate police involvement

¥ Suspension from school

¥ Parental notification of the availability of a witnessed chemical test for

  their child

¥ Referral to central administration for possible expulsion


Communicable Diseases (Policy 8450 & 8453) and Sickness

If a student exhibits symptoms of a communicable disease, the principal will isolate the student in the building and contact the parents. Protocols established by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services shall be followed.


If a child becomes ill or is seriously injured at school, the school will try to notify parents or legal guardians by telephone. If the school is unable to reach the parents or legal guardians, the person listed as the alternate contact will be called and requested to pick up the child. In cases when the school is unable to contact the parents, legal guardians, or alternate person, and the situation appears to be one in which the child needs emergency medical attention, 911 will be called.


Curriculum Modifications May Be Available Under Compulsory

Attendance Law – Wisconsin Statute #118.15(l) (D) Student Attendance (Policy 5200)

Wisconsin Statute #118.15(l) (D) provides for program or curriculum modifications for parents, guardians or students who make a written request to the school board. The law provides a listing of possible changes as well as the responsibilities of the school district in responding to any requests for modifications.


Weapons (Policy 5772)

The Board of Education prohibits students from possessing, storing, making, or using a weapon in any setting that is under the control and supervision of the District for the purpose of school activities approved and authorized by the District including, but not limited to, property leased, owned, or contracted for by the District, a school-sponsored event, or in a District vehicle, to the extent permitted by law.


The term "weapon" means any object which, in the manner in which it is used, is intended to be used, or is represented, is capable of inflicting serious bodily harm or property damage, as well as endangering the health and safety of persons. Weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms (including, but not limited to, firearms as defined in 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(3)), guns of any type whatsoever, including air and gas-powered guns (whether loaded or unloaded), knives, (subject to the exceptions below) razors, with unguarded blades, clubs, electric weapons, metallic knuckles, martial arts weapons, ammunition, and explosives.


In addition to school consequences, the Police Department will be notified if a student is found to possess any of the above items.


Bullying (5517.01)

The Board of Education is committed to providing a safe, positive, productive, and nurturing educational environment for all of its students. The Board encourages the promotion of positive interpersonal relations between members of the school community. Bullying toward a student, whether by other students, staff, or third parties is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. This policy applies to all activities in the District, including activities on school property, including at any of the school buildings or other property used exclusively or in part, whether leased or owned by the District, for the purpose of school-related functions or events; or while traveling to or from school or to and from school-sponsored functions or events; in transporting vehicles arranged for by School District officials. The policy applies as well during activities that occur off school property if the student or employee is at any school-sponsored, school-approved or school-related activity or function, such as field trips athletic events where students are under the supervision of school authorities, or where an employee is engaged in school business, or where there is otherwise a connection to the school such that the conduct at issue affects or is intended to affect the studentÕs educational environment.


Bullying is deliberate or intentional behavior using word or actions, intended to cause fear, intimidation, or harm. Bullying may be a repeated behavior and involves an imbalance of power. Furthermore, it may be serious enough to negatively impact a student's educational, physical, or emotional well being. The behavior may be motivated by an actual or perceived distinguishing characteristic, such as, but not limited to: age; national origin; race; ethnicity; religion; gender; gender identity; sexual orientation; physical attributes; physical or mental ability or disability; and social, economic, or family status; however this type of prohibited bullying behavior need not be based on any of those particular or other particular characteristics. It includes, but is not necessarily limited to such behaviors as stalking, cyberbullying, intimidating, menacing, coercing, name-calling, taunting, making threats, and hazing.


Retaliation against any person who reports, is thought to have reported, files a complaint, or otherwise participates in an investigation or inquiry concerning allegations of bullying is prohibited and will not be tolerated. Such retaliation shall be considered a serious violation of Board policy and independent of whether a complaint is substantiated. Suspected retaliation should be reported in the same manner as bullying. Making intentionally false reports about bullying for the purpose of getting someone in trouble is similarly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Retaliation and intentionally making a false report may result in disciplinary action as indicated above.


If a student or other individual believes there has been bullying, regardless of whether it fits a particular definition, s/he should report it immediately to a school staff member and allow the administration to determine the appropriate course of action.